Apple Pie Alamode - Pie Slice with Ice Cream Candle on Plate


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You are viewing an actual candle as it would come to you. Design may differ slightly due to being handcrafted.
Scent is extremely strong and represents the design of each candle. (example: Apple Pie Photo is scented in Apple Pie. )

The aroma of Fresh Cut Granny Smith Apples, smothered in butter, warm cream and cinnamon. All stuffed into a fresh baked pie crust and topped with grated granny smith apples and buttercream whipped icing. We added a huge scoop of vanilla ice cream on the side,

The whip cream icing is scented in Vanilla Buttercream Scent. When you first light the pie slice candle, you will smell the Vanilla Buttercream scent first.
Once the whip cream has melted down to the pie slice layer, then you will begin to smell the scent of the pie slice.

1 wick, approximately a pound or more blended soy and paraffin wax.
Soy blend bakery pie candle.

Enjoy the aroma of Unique Candle by Crystal Pie Candles just coming from the oven. Smothered in warm, buttery vanilla, spices and fresh picked fruits all stuffed in our Handmade Pie Crust, then topped with Whipped Vanilla Buttercream Icing. OHHH SOOO Delicious.

Our Unique Candle by Crystal Pie Candles are created by hand, just like my great grandmother made them, however ours is made of wax, but still yet resemble the real pie in looks and scent.
We use natural soy blend and low melt point paraffin waxes, as well as 100% concentrated fragrance oils to created our unique candles.

Each of our Whole Pie Candles have 5 wicks to create an even burn throughout the entire candle and has a great scent throw hot or cold.

You Do NOT have to burn these candles to achieve the maximum scent throw. They are saturated throughout with 100% concentrated fragrance oils so the aroma will scent your home for months without burning.

Our Bakery Dessert Candles make great gifts for friends, family or yourself and are a great conversation piece as well.

We hope you enjoy our creations and look forward to serving you. All candles are made with love! 

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